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The campers are gone!

Another summer has come and gone. Thank you to the crew for being such fantastic role models. Thank you to the campers for embracing "The Top 8 Skills". Thank you to the parents for allowing your family to become part of our camp family. CHEERS!



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Winning Techniques Camp with
Gabrielle Daleman and Carl Grin
GoPro Slalom Ski
Adam & Carl - 2014
2012 Camp Video:
"I Like How it Feels!"
"What Do We Do at Camp in the Winter?"
2010 Camp Video:
"Fun In The Sun!"
"Hockey Is..."


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Here we'll feature short articles about some of our amazing staff members. You'll have a chance to get to know them before you arrive for your first day of camp.

Adam Grin Image Adam Grin
Camp Director
Kim Beemer-Grin Image Kim Beemer-Grin
Camp Director
Carl Grin Image Carl Grin
Intense Water Sports Director
Dennis Maruk Image Dennis Maruk
Hockey Program Director
Lene Massey Image Lene Massey
Riding Program Director
Sue Kirwin-Campbell Image Sue Kirwin-Campbell
Dance Program Director
Karen Craig Image Karen Craig
Waterfront Training
Liz Walsh Image Liz Walsh
Driver & Trained Water Tech
Patrick Fuentes Image Patrick Fuentes
Hockey Volunteer
Idoia Fuentes Image Idoia Fuentes
Skating Volunteer
Mackenzie  Creasey Image Mackenzie Creasey
Intense Watersports Instructor
Sydney-Quinn Chizmeshya Image Sydney-Quinn Chizmeshya
Camp Counsellor
Emily Mordue Image Emily Mordue
Camp Counsellor
Moritz  Wiessmeier Image Moritz Wiessmeier
Meaghan Churchill Image Meaghan Churchill
Camp Counsellor
Lauren  McFarlane  Image Lauren McFarlane
Camp Counsellor
Julia West Image Julia West
Camp Counsellor
Emily Nasho Image Emily Nasho
Camp Counsellor
Max Arnone Image Max Arnone
Luke  Barsanti Image Luke Barsanti
Camp Counsellor
Zoe Arnone Image Zoe Arnone
Joan Grau Image Joan Grau
Kimmy Beemer Image Kimmy Beemer
Camp Counsellor
Thalia Pisaric Image Thalia Pisaric
Alumni - Camp Counsellor
Melanie McCreary Image Melanie McCreary
Alyssa Warrington Image Alyssa Warrington
Meaghan Walsh Image Meaghan Walsh
Testimonial Image Testimonial Image Testimonial Image Testimonial Image

This camp is the best I have visted, you learn so much of everything. In skating they taught me so many new things, and gave me the condidence to believe in me and what I can do. I learned English, and how to wakeboard this summer. This camp helped me a lot, I don't know how to thank them for everything! 

— Valeria

During the two weeks I stayed here I had the most fun I had all summer! What I loved most was the countless activities, awesome campers, and hilarious counsellors.

I really look forward to coming back next year. 

— Megan

Just wanted to let you know that Garry and I had a lovely very relaxing time at your camp. The girls enjoyed their camp activities & the group of friends they made immensely.

It was a great experience for them and I know they will want to repeat.

— Sandra and Garry

Shawn loved camp so much and has asked to go next year for 2 weeks! Thank you for all that you do.

— Sylvie Lessard

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