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The campers are gone!

Another summer has come and gone. Thank you to the crew for being such fantastic role models. Thank you to the campers for embracing "The Top 8 Skills". Thank you to the parents for allowing your family to become part of our camp family. CHEERS!



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"The purpose of the Winning Techniques Camp is to help mould the minds and bodies of youth. The values learned at camp extend far beyond the actual physical skills acquired. Campers find out who they are and discover who they want to be. In this process lies our true and intrinsic purpose: To ensure that our campers have Winning Techniques for the Game of Life." Adam Grin, Director

Posted by Winning Techniques Camp on Friday, January 12, 2018



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This year it will be my son's fourth year going to Winning Techniques Camp Hockey Program. He loves every minute of camp and doesn't want to do any less than two weeks, he even asked to go for a full month this year! Thanks for the training and great summer memories.

— Anna

Such an amazing camp. My son loved it so much. They taught him a number of new skills including how to water ski. He will be back next summer.

— Christina Airdrie-Brown

Shawn loved camp so much and has asked to go next year for 2 weeks! Thank you for all that you do.

— Sylvie Lessard

Our boys just came back from weeks 3 and 4 and they loved it! Second year in a row they haven't even unpacked and want to go back next year for 4 weeks. Great programs, counsellors and they've made friends from all over. Thank you for providing a wonderful experience for them.

— Simon Rego

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